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Sign-up alert service for your customers. Subscibers receive weather warnings, special advisories, etc. via e-mail or text message.

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The WeatherWarn2000 Service is an early warning system designed by IntelliWeather to serve the public and generate revenue for your broadcast radio or TV station. It is easy to setup and only requires you to promote it. Your station buys the service, your viewers signup for free. They get custom branded weather bulletins via email/pager/cellphone, as if they came from you and your sponsors, and you look like heroes every time severe weather hits!

Our WeatherWarn Service is the FASTEST weather bulletin delivery service in the United States. We are repeatedly told by our customers that we beat Associated Press wire, the NOAA Weather Wire, and the EAS system via television and cellphones.

How do we do it? We have a direct satellite link into the NOAA Telecommunications Gateway in Silver Spring Maryland, where all NOAA National Weather Service text products and bulletins must be routed. By having this direct link, we essentially “eliminate the middleman”, and we get the bulletins within 240 milliseconds (transit time for geostationary satellite communications) of their issuance. Our WeatherWarn servers then immediately broadcast thousands of messages via email, pager, and cell phone delivery to each individual subscriber.

WeatherWarn Features:

  • Suitable for newspapers, radio, TV, schools, companies, and community centers
  • Bulletins delivered as plain text messages, reduced character messages, and full HTML email with template control for embedded imagery
  • Custom branding for your media outlet or company – it appears as YOUR bulletin service
  • Opportunities for sponsorship – the service can pay for itself and become a profit center
  • No software to install – just link from your website
  • Your viewers, listeners, or customers sign up for free, and choose what bulletins they get
  • Easy to use web based administration console for full control, including the ability to send your own messages to subscribers, such as news alerts, school closings, etc.
  • No SPAM – that’s a promise, we’ll never spam your customers or sell their information
  • Affordable – low monthly fees, no equipment to buy
  • Bulletins can be linked to your website and to the sponsor to drive traffic
  • Bulletins can include previews of radar, yours or via our radar image service


Interested? Please contact us to learn how the service can work for you.